The scientific title :

assistant lecturer

Academic achievement :


Employment History :

11 Nov 2020

Abstract :

I'm an ambitious person with varied interests, diverse educational backgrounds, and really different work experiences. Having tried many things in my life I think I'm well equipped with the essential skills to approach a problem from different perspectives which can be great in an academic environment. I also have a great passion for learning new things and share my knowledge with others, especially students at various levels of education and explain to them in a way they easily understand. I am also able to teach in several languages where I was tasked with giving lectures in English to the students at the ICSCCB Institute in India and laboratory training in Turkish to undergraduate students at Süleyman Demirel University in Turkey.

Certificates :

Ph.D. in Biochemistry - Süleyman Demiral University - 2022 Master in Biotechnology - University of Pune - 2013 Bachelor of Life Sciences - Al-Mustansiriya University - 2007

Academic Experience :

Supervising graduate research Preparing training and educational courses and workshops Scientific research Scientific laboratories management Molecular and biochemical tests Data analysis

Positions and tasks :

Exam Committee Graduation Projects Discussion Committee Corresponding Program Accreditation Board Health Supervisory Committee

teaching materials :

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Clinica Chemistry

first stage

Department of Anesthesia and intensive care techniques

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