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Employment History :

09 Nov 2011

Certificates :

1 - Certificate of participation in the grade (excellence), Course of teaching methods, University of Technology, Center for Continuing Education, 2012. 2- ICDL certificate for Curriculum 5.0, GCC, 2013. 3 - Certificate of training course, quality of laboratories in accordance with ISO 17025, the University of Technology in cooperation with the Supervisory and Scientific Assessment and the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control, Center for Continuing Education, 2015. 4 - Certificate of participation, quality classification of educational laboratories ISO 17025, University of Technology, Center for Continuing Education, 2017. 5- Electronic Certificate, Principles of Scientific Research, Idrak Organization, 2017. 6. Electronic certificate, English learning: Conversation skills, Idrak organization, 2017. 7 - Certificate of Appreciation, participation in scientific research at the Fifth Scientific Conference, College of Science City University, 2017. 8. GLP is the cornerstone of all laboratory activities, the University of Technology, the Center for Continuing Education, the training and development program for cadres of the Madenat Alelem University College, 2018. 9- Certificate of Participation and Passing, Qualifying and Development Program for Internal Quality Auditors in accordance with ISO 19011), University of Technology, Center for Continuing Education, 2018. 10 - Certificate of participation, the application of national standards for institutional accreditation, our way towards the universality of Iraqi universities, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the supervision and scientific evaluation, quality assurance department in cooperation with the Faculty of al Safwa University, college 2019.

Academic Experience :

1- (2015-2021) ,Madenat alelem university college, Accounting Department, teacher. 2- (2012-2015), Madenat alelem university college, Accounting Department, Assistant Lecturer. 3- (2011-2012) University of Baghdad / Faculty of Physical Education for Girls, Assistant Lecturer.

Published Research :

-Basher Faisal Mohammed,Obaid Mahmmood Mohsin Alzawbaee,Altaiyb Omer Ahmed Mohmmed,2018,Statistical Method For Solving Transportation Problems Of Using The Programming Language Matlab,Indian Journal Of Applied Research,8
,27-29, Doi:

-A.. Dr. Entsar Uraibi,Basher Faisal Mohammed,2012,Compared To Some Of The Ways In Parametric And Nonparametric Estimate The Reliability Function Using Simulation,Journal Of Administration And Economics,91
,248-267, Doi:

-Basher Faisal Mohammed,2014,Estimate Reliable Function Of Nonparametric Methods In The Case Of Surveillance Data Accumulated,Journal Of Madenat Alelem College,1
,54-62, Doi:

-Basher Faisal Mohammed,2015,Use Linear Programming To Solve The Transportation Problem And Test Optimization Solution By Modified Method,Journal Of Madenat Alelem College,1
,104-1119, Doi:

-Asst. Prof. Dr. Abud Almunaam Kidam Hemidi ,Basher Faisal Mohammed,2018,The Use Of Modern Technologies In The Exchange Of Time And Cost To Complete Projects In A Foggy Environment,Journal Of Madenat Alelem College,2
,103-206, Doi:

-Basher Faisal Mohammed,Obaid Mahmmood Mohsin Alzawbaee,Altaiyb Omer Ahmed Mohmmed,2019,Building a three-dimensional maritime transport model to find the best solution by using the heuristic algorithm,General Letters in Mathematics,2
,87-99, Doi:

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