Essam Hameed Nashaat

assistant lecturer

Civil Engineering

[email protected]

The scientific title :

assistant lecturer

Academic achievement :


Employment History :

01 Jul 2014

Abstract :

1- (2012-2016): GCH (General Committee of Housing) /Consultant 2- (2009-2016): NCEC / Consultant 3- (2007-2014): Al-Qatif Group / Consultant 4- (2000-2006): NCCLR / Head of the organization 5- (1998-2000): Ministry of Housing and Construction / Head of planning and Follow up Directorate 6- (1996-1998): NCCL / Head of the Research and Technical Affaires 7- (1991-1996): NCCL / Head of the geotechnical department 8- (1983-1986): NCCL / Foundation Engineer 9- (1980-1982): Building Research Center of the Scientific Research council / Researcher

Certificates :

1- Ph.D. In Geotechnical Engineering University of Baghdad 1991 2- In Geotechnical Engineering University of Baghdad 1980 3- In Civil Engineering University of Baghdad 1977

Academic Experience :

(2016-2019): Lecture / Madent Alelem University

Published Research :

-Isam H. Nashat,1986,The Anisotropic shear strength of clayey soil under plane strain conditions,Journal of Building Research,
,195-225, Doi:

-Isam Nashat ,Saeed Aabour,2001,The use of a plant in the production of thermally insulating panels,Third Jordanian Civil Engineering Conference ,
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-Isam Nashat,Saeed Aabour,Anwar Abdullah,2002,Ultrasonic velocity of the concrete,National Center for Construction Laboratories,
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-Isam Nashat,MHHMHD Ridha,2005,Manual for Design of Asphalt Concrete Paving Mixtures,National Center for Construction Laboratories and Research,
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-Isam Hamid Nashat,2005,A brief study on the types of concrete additives and their effects on them,National Center for Laboratories and Construction Research,
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-S Razouki,DK Kuttah,O Al-Damluji,I Nashat,2005,Strong correlation between the bearing capacity and CBR of a gypsiferous subgrade soil subjected to long-term soaking,The Seventh International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads,
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-RR Al-Omari,WK Mohammed,IH Nashaat,OM Kaseer,2007,Effect of Sulphuric and Phosphoric Acids on the Behaviour of a Limestone Foundation,Indian Geotechnical Journal ,37
,263-282, Doi:

-SS Razouki,DK Kuttah,OA Al-Damluji,IH Nashat,2007,Strength erosion of a fine-grained gypsiferous soil during soaking,Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering ,
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-SS Razouki,DK Kuttah,OA Al-Damluji,IH Nashat,2012,Improving fine-grained gypsiferous soil by increased compaction,International Journal of Pavement Engineering ,
,32-36, Doi:

Published books :

-,Scientific review of the book collection (adequacy of performance of workers in construction laboratories),
, issn:1999

-,1- Specifications of materials and construction works / National Center for Construction Laboratories ,
, issn:2001

-,2- Ultrasonic pulse velocity in concrete / National Laboratory Center for Construction,
, issn:2004

-,3- Manual for design of asphalt concrete paving mixture,
, issn:2005

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