Saad T.Y. Alfalahi

assistant lecturer

Computer Engineering Techniques

[email protected]

The scientific title :

assistant lecturer

Academic achievement :


Employment History :

05 Sep 2015

Published Research :

-1983,Effect of Design Parameters Variation in Shaded-pole Motor on its Performance Characteristics,مجلة الكلية الفنية العسكرية,
,-, Doi:

-1985,A Computer Procedure for Shaded-pole Motor Design,,
,-, Doi:

-1988, تحليلات الأعطال الكهربائية للمنظومات الكهربائية لمشروع محطة انتاج الطاقة الكهرو نووية,,
,-, Doi:

-,Power Quality in Microgrids Including Supraharmonics: Issues, Standards, and Mitigation,,
,-, Doi:

-,Supraharmonics in Power Grid: Identification, Standards, and Measurement Techniques,,
,-, Doi:

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