The scientific title :

assistant lecturer

Academic achievement :


Employment History :

11 Nov 2017

Academic Experience :

1. Publication of a number of research papers in Scopus containers. 2. Supervising many fourth stage graduation researches. 3. He holds many certificates of participation in courses and workshops.

Positions and tasks :

1. Member of the Examination Committee from 2017 until now. 2. A member of the fourth stage graduation discussion committees. 3. Member of the Quality Assurance Committee. 4. Member of the E-Learning Committee and Continuing Education. 5. Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Techniques Department.

Published Research :

-MA Awad,FH Hadi,2019,Effect of aqueous extract of green tea on gene expression of CYP17, CYP11A, LH beta subunit and LHr genes in males wistar rats exposed to oxidative stress by streptozotocin,Journal of Madenat Alelem University College,
,6-, Doi:

-2021,Association between effect of some proinflammatory and ant inflammatory cytokines before and after surgical patients,medico- legal update,
,-, Doi:

-2020,interleukin-4 Genetic polymorphism -590 in type 2 diabetes patient from aldiwaniyah hospital of Iraq,indian journal of public health research and development ,
,-, Doi:

-2014,chemo preventive effect of flavonoid against anticancer drug induces renal oxidative damage inflammation and apoptosis in waster rats,,
,-, Doi:

-2018,effect of green tea on gene expression of CYP17 ,CYP11A ,LH beta subunit and LHr genes in males wistar rats exposed to oxidative strees by streptozotocin,journal of madenat Al-elem collage JMAC,
,-, Doi:

teaching materials :

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