Samah Rahim Jabbar

laboratory technician


[email protected]

The scientific title :

laboratory technician

Academic achievement :


Employment History :

18 Sep 2021

Certificates :

1__ Obtained a technical diploma at the Institute of Technology, Department of Chemical Industries, Industrial Units Operation Branch, with an average of 69,495 years in a sequence (6) on the branch. 2__The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Al- Bayan University / College of Nursing (graduate from nursing college ), IN 2021. 3__ A training course for computers at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Department of Labor and Vocational Training, Department of Vocational Training.2012_10_8

Academic Experience :

1_I did summer training at Ibn Al-nafis Hospital and Al-alawia Hospital for Women and Children. 2__ I teach at Imam Al-Hussein Al-ahly Institute and Preparatory School to teach computer subject. 3__ I worked in a clinic as a nurse doing nursing procedures.

certificate appreciation:

A letter of thanks submitted by the Presidency of Al-Bayan University and the Deanship of the College of Nursing for volunteer students to serve the visitors of Imam Al-Kadhim, peace be upon him, and to set up the Rufaida Medical Tent

teaching materials :

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